3 Things to Look for in Your Sunglasses if You Want to Prevent Getting Crow's Feet

Posted on: 27 October 2016
If you want to reduce your chances of getting crow's feet around your eyes, it's a great idea to start wearing sunglasses whenever it's sunny outside. When sunshine hits your unprotected eyes, your body's natural response is to protect them by squinting. When the muscles around your eyes are made to squint often for extended periods, the motion of that muscle movement begins to cause the wrinkling commonly referred to as crow's feet.
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Proper Eye Care - Rubbing Your Eyes Vigorously Can Affect Your Vision

Posted on: 26 October 2016
Do you rub your eyes vigorously when you wake up, when feeling tired, removing makeup, or habitually during the day? If so, you may consider stopping this habit as it can negatively affect your vision. The eyes are very delicate and sensitive parts of the body, and proper care should be taken when handling them to ensure that you don't end up having eye problems that could otherwise be avoided. Here are some of the ways in which rubbing your eyes can affect your vision, and the measures that you can take to protect it.
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3 Ways Your Young Child's Homework Issues Could Indicate Vision Problems

Posted on: 14 October 2016
For most parents, getting young children to do their homework -- and do it well -- is a struggle at the best of times. While most families blame bad homework habits and poor grades on laziness and lack of motivation, there's another potential culprit you need to consider if your child is struggling with assignments: poor eyesight. Unsolved vision problems are a huge detriment to a child's education both at home and at school, so it's important that they're discovered as soon as possible.
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