• Exam Time: 4 Ways to Protect Your Eyes When Studying

    If you are a student who needs to study, it is likely you will be spending a lot of time reading books, writing essays and reviewing PowerPoint presentations. However, all of these activities can place a lot of strain on your eyes. Below is a guide to 4 steps you can take to protect your eyes while you study. Have an eye exam If the glasses or contact lenses that you wear are old, they may be harming rather than helping your eyesight and may be triggering headaches or increasing the amount of fatigue you feel.
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  • 4 Eye Health Tips for Older People

    Older people can be affected by poor health. One area which is likely to be affected by age is your eyes. As you reach retirement age, it is important that you take steps which will help you to maintain good vision and to spot eye problems before they become major health issues. Failure to take these steps could lead to a gradual deterioration in the quality of your eyesight. Below are four key steps you should take for good eye health.
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