4 Eye Health Tips for Older People

Posted on: 20 January 2017

Older people can be affected by poor health. One area which is likely to be affected by age is your eyes. As you reach retirement age, it is important that you take steps which will help you to maintain good vision and to spot eye problems before they become major health issues. Failure to take these steps could lead to a gradual deterioration in the quality of your eyesight. Below are four key steps you should take for good eye health.

Have regular eye exams

Even if you have never had problems with your vision before, once you reach retirement age, you should schedule periodic eye exams. You should view these checkups in the same way you think about dental or medical appointments. Regular eye exams will allow an optometrist to quickly identify any changes to your eye health or any decay in your vision. The optometrist will then be able to recommend a course of treatment to keep your eyes in the best possible condition.

Wear your prescription glasses or contact lenses

If your optometrist issues you with a pair of prescription glasses or a set of contact lenses, it is important that you wear them. Many people who have not worn glasses or contact lenses before are reluctant to do so in later life. However, not wearing your glasses could lead to your vision decaying at a faster rate and could also put you at risk when you are crossing the road or driving a car, as you may not see hazards up ahead. Modern glasses and contact lenses are thin and light, which means that once you get used to wearing them, you will probably forget they are there. If you are concerned about wearing vision aids, you should request lightweight titanium glasses or ultra-thin contact lenses.

Quit smoking

As well as damaging your lungs, smoking can also harm the health of your eyes. Smoking leads to increased oxidative stress, which reduces your eye's ability to protect itself. This stress can eventually lead to an increased risk of cataracts. Quitting smoking will help to improve your eye health as well as the rest of your body.

Don't sit in the dark

You should carefully review the lighting in your home, considering the position and brightness of any lights and lamps as well as the locations of the windows. Sitting in the dark while trying to read or carry out any other activity which requires you to focus your vision can lead to increased eye strain. This strain can eventually cause your vision to deteriorate. You should install new lights or brighter bulbs to ensure your home is properly lit.

If you have any concerns about the health of your eyes, contact an optometrist today.